Radio Gorakhpur 90.8

Community Radio as a social process or event in which members of the community associate together to design programmer and produce and air them.

UNESCO Handbook

Gaining voices and democratizing communication on a community radio could be also termed as Community Radio. A radio that encourages expression and participation and values local culture. Its main purpose is to give voice to the voiceless.

Abiding Voices


About The Ministry

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is one among the early Ministries set up after India’s Independence and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was India’s first Minister for Information and Broadcasting. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is one of the vital Ministries that represent the face of the government in reaching out to the masses. The Ministry is entrusted with the task of disseminating information about government policies, schemes and programmes through the different medium of mass communication covering radio, television, press, social media, printed publicity like booklets; posters, outdoor publicity including through traditional modes of communication such as dance, drama, folk recitals, puppet shows etc. The Ministry is also the focal point as regards policy matters related to private broadcasting sector, administering of the public broadcasting service- Prasar Bharati, multi-media advertising and publicity of the policies and programmes of the Union Government, film promotion and certification and regulation of print media. On the public service broadcasting sphere, the Ministry overviews matters relating to All India Radio and Doordarshan through the Prasar Bharati (Broadcasting Corporation of India Act),1990 which includes regulation of the use of All India Radio and Doordarshan by recognised national and regional political parties during elections to the Lok Sabha and State Assemblies and procedure to be followed by the official electronic media during periods of national mourning on the demise of a high dignitary.

Vision & Mission

Create an enabling environment for sustained growth of media and entertainment sector, facilitate value based wholesome entertainment and effectively disseminate information on government policies, programmes and achievements

To effectively disseminate information on the policies, programmes and achievements of Government while ensuring free flow of information to the public and safeguarding freedom of the press and media in general.

To communicate and publicize the Government’s Flagship programmes directly to the beneficiaries through appropriate multimedia public campaigns down to the grassroots level

Strengthen and expand infrastructural support in order to create opportunities for young talent to develop its potential in the fields of print media, electronic media and films